Membership Information

POS Membership entitles you to the following:

  • Your details and an image (or images) on the Website
  • A chance to exhibit your work at the Showcase Exhibitions at The Bield and Birnam Arts Centre
  • Discounts on a range of products

For POS all the venues are assigned to a coloured route. Each route will have a co-ordinator.

The POS committee do some general publicity to draw attention to the event; however as a voluntary group there is a limit to what can be done. Each artist/venue has a responsibility for organising local publicity – we would encourage you to communicate with your neighbouring venues where possible and work together on this.

As a member you are responsible for ensuring that your venue is adequately insured.


Social Media

Your venue will appear on your preferred platform: Facebook Page, Twitter Account or Instagram, in the run up to the event. If you are users of these media please help the cause by liking and sharing posts. During the event you can post updates of how the event is going for you and we will share them as much as possible.

We have two Facebook presences – a private Group and a Page. In the past this has caused a little confusion so to clarify: the Group is a place to network and chat with other members and POS supporters; the Page is more like an official noticeboard – where information is passed to the public. Members are welcome to use both pages but please keep in mind the intended audience – i.e. Group = other members; Page = general public.