Guidelines for Registering for POS

POS and the Coronavirus

In planning the 2022 Event the organisers are mindful of the backdrop of the Coronavirus. We will be monitoring and responding to the situation as it develops and we hope that our page of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers will be helpful as you complete your application.

The criteria for taking part in Perthshire Open Studios:

“Membership shall be open to those having an interest in arts or crafts who live within, or surrounding, the region of Perthshire, or have some connection to it.”



  1. Register
  2. Complete your Profile page



Stage 1 : Registration

1)  It is important to read the Membership Categories and Costs page before you start the application. (If you start filling in the Registration Form and then need to go back to refer to another page, the information you have just entered  on the form will be deleted, so check the details before you start, or open the page in a new window)

2) Please also read the Membership Information page

3) Check the Perthshire Open Studios Terms and Conditions 2022

Once you have decided which category of membership you are applying for –

4) Select the correct Registration button

5) Select a Username. (Please choose one that is the same or similar to your Listing Title as this helps greatly with admin.  Thank you)

6) Fill in the Registration questions. (There is a grey circle with a question mark above each box. Hover over it to get an explanation)

7) Click Register

8) Make your payment through Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account, you can use a debit or credit card

N.B. Do not fill in the Registration form unless you are ready to make your payment, if you do the system will lock you out

Your  Registration will be confirmed by an email saying your account is now active. This may take a few hours.  When you have received it you can log in to your account and complete your profile.


You have until the 12th of April to register and complete your profile

For help with filling in your Profile form click here