Filling in your Profile

Put in the Username/email address and password you used to Register and click on Account, view Profile, then click on the cog (top right) and choose  Edit profile.

Complete the details required.

Only your main medium will appear in the media gallery.

There is a limit of 500 characters (including spaces) for your entry description. For the directions section the limit is 250, for demonstrations it is 250. To avoid being cut off mid flow, it is best to type out your description in advance in a Word Document, which has the facility for counting characters. You can then copy and paste the information on to the form.

Add a banner image and avatar – this can be an image of you or a detail of your work.

Images must be named with your Listing Title. If you have more than one image, please name and number them.

Add only the appropriate number of images. Any extra will be deleted.

Please ensure your images are cropped correctly – i.e. that there are no unwanted background details.


Solo Artists – will have three images as well as a banner and avatar.

Groups and Galleries – will have three images as well as a banner and avatar.

2 and 3 artists are entitled to three images.
4 Artists are entitled to four images
5 Artists are entitled to five images
6 Artists are entitled to  six images
7 Artists are entitled to  seven images
8 Artists are entitled to eight images
9 Artists are entitled to nine images

All images will be required to be between 1000 and 1200 pixels on the longest side.

Image one, ie the Featured Image, will be the one we use to represent your venue in the Gallery. Elsewhere the Banner Image will be used so choose a strong image of your work.

For help with image re-sizing click here.

If you are applying as a collective only complete the details for the number of artists you have paid for – any extra will be deleted.

If you have a video of yourself or your work upload it to YouTube and add the URL in the video field.

Remember, it is important to click Update Profile each time you make a change. Otherwise none of your data will be retained!

When you have finished please make sure to view your completed page by clicking on the tick symbol in the top right corner. If your changes have not been uploaded correctly please check the word counts in your description, directions and demonstrations sections, and the size of your images, and make any amendments necessary before trying again.