Featured Artist:
Angus Ross

Angus Ross is a designer, maker, woodsman and public artist, best known for sculptural steam-bent furniture for homes, gardens and public spaces.

His furniture starts in a beautiful Perthshire woodland with the felling of a few sustainably managed oak trees. In each piece of furniture a tree lives on beyond its long years. He embraces the knots and stains or these previously neglected trees, revealing characterful grain and dark honey coloured wood.

As a designer Angus is fascinated by structure, obsessed by functionality and strives to create a delightful experience for the user.

He leads a dedicated team of exceptional makers who blend traditional cabinetmaking, green-wood steam-bending and contemporary digital cutting techniques to create exquisite elegant furniture with pure curves and a sense of flow.

Steam-bending is a hot, physical, unpredictable process with a magical moment when steam softens wood so that it is malleable enough to be hand-bent using jigs and formers. It is more exciting and less precise than most woodwork. It can be thought of as a handshake with wood in that both the maker and the timber bring their experience and each bend is slightly different.

Angus is Selected Maker with the Crafts Council (UK), Selected Maker and Advisor to the board of Craftscotland , Fellow of Design Nation (UK) and Member of Contemporary Applied Arts London. He won Best Sustainable Product at Decorex 2020, and has been nominated for The Wood Awards Best Bespoke Furniture Product in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009. He was Lead Artist for the Phoenix Trail which won Arts and Business Award and European Greenways Award in 2002.

He has a BSc Industrial Design from Napier University, Edinburgh and a background as a product designer for the British High Street. He re-trained in furniture making at Rycotewood College, Oxfordshire and graduated in 1992. He has been based in Aberfeldy since 2002 and runs his studio-workshop with his wife Lorna.


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