Guidelines for registering for POS

Guidelines for Registering for POS

The criteria for taking part in Perthshire Open Studios:

“Membership shall be open to those having an interest in arts or crafts who live within, or surrounding, the region of Perthshire, or have some connection to it.”


Note: If you have taken part before you will need to register again. Please use a different username from previous applications. You can use the same email address if you wish.


  1.  Register.

2.   Complete your Profile page.

You must complete both parts!

It is important to read the Membership Categories and Costs page before you start the application. If you start filling in the Registration Form and then need to go back to refer to another page, the information you have just entered  on the form will be deleted, so check the details before you start, or open the page in a new window.

Please also read the Membership Information page.

Once you have decided which category of membership you are applying for select the correct registration button.

Please select a Username that is the same or similar to your Listing Title as this helps greatly with admin. Ensure it is different from previous year’s.  Thank you.

There is a grey circle with a question mark above each box. Hover over it to get an explanation. Complete this part and then click Register.

Make your payment through Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account, you can use a debit or credit card. N.B. Do not fill in the Registration form unless you are ready to make your payment, if you do the system will lock you out.

Your  Registration will be confirmed by an email saying your account is now active. This may take a few hours. When you are ready to fill in your profile follow the link in the email.

Put in the Username/email address and password you used to Register and click on Account, view Profile, then click on the cog (top right) and choose Edit profile. 

Complete the details required.

Only your main medium will appear in the listing of media. (This applies to solo artists and collectives.)

There is a limit of 400 characters (including spaces) for your entry description. For the directions section the limit is 200. To avoid being cut off mid flow, it is best to type out your description in advance in a Word Document, which has the facility for counting characters. You can then copy and paste the information on to the form. 

Add header image and avatar – this can be an image of you or a detail, anything unique to you!

Images must be named with your Listing Title. If you have more than one image, please number them.

Images need to be a minimum of 2500 pixels on the longest side.

Add only the appropriate number of images. Please ensure your images are cropped correctly – i.e. that there are no unwanted background details.

Image Entitlement for the Website and Brochure

1 slot entitles you to 3 images on the website and 1 image (Image 1) in the brochure.

2 slots entitle you to 3 images on the website and 3 images in the brochure.

3 slots entitle you to 5 images on the website and 5 images in the brochure

When you are filling in your application all five images slots will be visible – please only use your entitlement – any extra images will be deleted.

Your first image on the left is the brochure image.  Images over your allotted number will be deleted. Please ensure your images are cropped correctly – ie that there is no unwanted background showing.

If you are applying as a collective only complete the details for the number of artists you have paid for – any extra will be deleted.

Remember, it is important to click Update Profile each time you make a change. Otherwise none of your data will be retained!

When you have finished please make sure to view your completed page by clicking on the tick symbol in the top right corner. If your changes have not been uploaded correctly please check the word counts in your description and directions sections, and the size of your images, and make any amendments necessary before trying again. 

You have until the 14th of April to edit your form. Once completed you need do nothing more.