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Education & Learning

Artists Working with Schools and Community Groups
Current Initiatives involving POS Members

What’s it about?

One of the aims of Perthshire Open Studios is to provide education to both the community and the wider public. A number of our members are already doing this and below you will find a list of Perthshire Open Studio artists who are willing to work with local schools, community groups and the general public. Some of these services are offered on a voluntary basis, some involve costs.

Can anyone take part?

Artists considering doing work of this kind and schools or community groups thinking about employing artists, need to know that when working with some organisations involving children and vulnerable adults, the artist may require a PVG Scheme Record. There is a cost for this check to be made.  The employing organisation (school or community group) may be willing to meet these costs, otherwise they need to be met by the artist themselves. This would need to be negotiated between the artist and employing organisation at time of booking.

If you are a school or community group wishing to invite an artist to work with you, the following artists can be contacted direct, using the contact details given next to their name.

If you are an artist wishing to add your details to the list below, please get in touch with us at:


The organisers of Perthshire Open Studios, participating venues and artists cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage or injury sustained by any member of the public while visiting any of the Perthshire Open Studios venues or events. The public do so at their own risk.

Catriona Studio
Tel: 01764 684452

Lorna Radbourne uses traditional leading and copper foil techniques in her stained glass work. She has worked with a range of groups on creating group or individual stain glass projects. She has also monitored students on work placements in her studio. For further details contact Lorna by telephone or e-mail.

Georgia Crook
Tel: 01567 820922 / 07786 085833

Georgia works on art based projects using willow and paper either indoor or outdoor. She provides workshops and talks for a broad range of groups within schools and the wider community. Details of workshops and courses can be found at her website.

Tel: 01764 661147 / 07528 290305

Denise Petrie is a textile artist who works with free style embroidery and appliqué. She has talked to secondary children about collecting information for sketch books and how to gather information from the internet. She teaches free motion embroidery techniques to individuals or small groups in her studio. Bookings can be made by contacting Denise directly.

The Quarto Press
Tel: 01828 628001 / 07908 023901

John Easson has printed letterpress from hand set metal and wood type for 40 years. He has been involved with demonstrating and talking to children, from local schools, about the history and process of printing. He is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge through talks and demonstrations. His talks can be tailored to each group’s size and needs. Please contact him either by telephone or e-mail. 

Wildgrass Studio
Tel: Dave Hunt 01567 820990 / 07887 588573
Gillian Hunt 01567 820990 / 07747 862641

Dave and Gillian Hunt provide a range of workshops to individuals and small groups. Photography workshops are offered in landscape, portrait, studio working plus indoor and outdoor lighting and post production in Adobe lightroom and Photoshop. Fine Art workshops are also available. Further details of current workshops and courses can be found on the Wildgrass Website.