Creative Trail

The Orkney Creative Trail is an example of how this proposal would work, even given the specifics of Perthshire, such as greater distances. Like the Orkney Creative Trail, the illustrative focus of materials will be on Perthshire – helping to promote the wonders of Perthshire’s physical and artistic environment, to encourage tourists and residents to “See the Inspiration”.

This will create increased opportunities for funding from advertisers, spread the volunteer effort over a longer period, and increase the value of promotional materials – as they would be valid for a full year. While sales are hoped for, this cannot be the main aim of the activity. Sales ultimately relate to customer choice, and level of marketing, price point, etc.

Our approach would be for both a printed publication and a website:

  • To have information available by geographical area or by discipline
  • Each artist/location will have a ‘page’ in the publication and on the website.
  • Artists do not have to hold an open studio or gallery all year –they can give specific opening dates or offer ‘call for an appointment’, but the expectation is to be available all-year round.
  • A diary of art-related events throughout the year will be included.
  • Food and accommodation providers can be involved in advertising and promoting the trail.
  • Promotion can take place all year round, enabling long lead-in media to be targeted, as well as social and local media, increasing the promotion of artists.
  • The website can be updated throughout the year.
  • We are still investigating the possibility of “brown tourist road signs” and hope in time to become a strong part of the tourist and local information available.