Nine Years And Going Strong

Perthshire Open Studios was launched in 2008 and is now in its 9th year. It is an annual nine day event held in September and involves artists and makers across Perthshire, Kinross-Shire and other neighbouring counties. A growing number of participants and visitors each year makes it a highlight in the calendar of Arts events in Scotland.

A Community Interest Company and not-for-profit organisation, Perthshire Open Studios makes a significant contribution to the local economy and generates local community art and craft events throughout the year.

In 2016 our Partnership with Pitlochry Festival Theatre continued. A Showcase Exhibition ran through to the end of September and further exhibitions are scheduled thereafter.

Work from some of our Artists and Makers

  • Rosemary Bassett – Venue 78

  • Perdie & Boo – Venue 117

  • Dave Hunt – Venue 85

  • Jonathan Sainsbury – Venue 98

  • Kathleen Greene – Venue 33

  • Tay bank Glass – Venue 121

  • Freya Cummming – Venue 40

  • Arie Vardie – Venue 90

  • Louise McLaren – Venue 106

  • Julie Fielding – Venue 71

  • Louise Buchan – Venue 31

  • Jonathan Mitchell – Venue 7

  • Sarah Cave – Venue 15

POS facts

Participant artists and makers have increased year on year and 2016 had the highest ever number of venues and the highest number of participating artists.

Visitor numbers have also increased year on year, with over 18,000 being recorded last year and we hope to have many more this year with increased local and national publicity.

Visitors to the event in previous years came principally from  Perthshire and Kinross-Shire but a significant number came from other parts of Scotland and the UK and a number from overseas, with many staying in the area for 3-5 nights. As partners in the Homecoming Scotland programme last year, we welcomed even more visitors from other parts of the globe.

Comments made by the visitors include: “Brilliant! It’s inspiring to see such great work produced locally.” “We liked visiting studios we would not normally be able to visit because they were open specially and listed in the directory.”

Several high profile local businesses  sponsored us in 2015 and 2016 and we hope that we can help each other by bringing increased economic activity to the area, a growing interest in the Arts and an increased awareness of the huge talent in this region.